Hobbiest drawer who loves glee and k-pop. I hope to write a novel in my futur along with going to japan and being a world traveller. Not only that, but I feel like I could become a designer in modern/fantasy. I dream of seeing my drawings parade down the runway.

So far I have three stories I'd like to start writing down. I need time for that though. I need time so that they can be good. Hopefully one day I'll start off.

I'm still pretty young, so I have the luxury of knowing that my whole future is ahead and waiting (unless I die before that, but I guess that'd also be a part of someone's future).
I mean, what could be better than dreams and happiness?

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the shitty thing about having read a book in which a major character dies in the end is that when you see the movie it’s so fucking painful because when you’re seeing that character and whenever they’re smiling all you can think of is “you’re gonna fucking die” like you can literally feel your soul being ripped out of your chest

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